Kiyah Santiago

Kiyah Santiago is a student in the Widener University School of Nursing, where she is working towards a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree. Beyond college, she aspires to combine her love of community health, film, and writing to create health programs for rural and underserved communities. 

Kiyah’s zeal for education and community service sprung from her time as a mentor for middle school students during her high school career. In her junior year of high school, she founded a virtual reading program in cooperation with teachers and administrators within her school district. The program aimed at providing accessible and engaging weekly read-alouds to students in the local elementary school as a means of improving literacy progress and growing multicultural education amidst the pandemic. 

Since then, Kiyah has worked as an ELA tutor at an elementary school and currently specializes in tutoring elementary and middle school math and ELA concepts at Tailored Tutoring. Whatever the academic need, Kiyah is passionate about equipping students with the skills and confidence to dream big!