Our daughter was in need of math tutoring for the SAT. With help from Tailored Tutoring’s knowledgeable, dedicated staff, my daughter was able to improve her math score. In addition to being accepted into the college of her choice, she was also accepted into an accelerated program. Tailored Tutoring takes the stress out of learning and creates a friendly, supportive environment for all children, regardless of ability. We highly recommend Tailored Tutoring!   ~ Kim K.

We’ve chosen Tailored Tutoring not because our son is behind in school, but because we want him to stay ahead academically. As a result of Tailored Tutoring’s instruction, our son is more confident in his writing and math classes. When we started Tailored Tutoring, we lived in New Jersey. Two years ago, we moved to Georgia, and they tutor him online now. Our son has not skipped a beat! Tailored tutoring has exceeded our expectations. We love TT!   ~ Tanya C.

Tailored Tutoring offers instructional support from pre-k through college by highly qualified certified staff. This support includes research based benchmark assessments, proven effective curriculum based instruction, and educator created progress reporting; all of which guides scholars to feel valued, challenged, and prepared. Thank you, Tailored Tutoring, for an exceptional educational experience.  ~ Wanda P.

Tailored Tutoring LLC has helped me so much throughout these past months. I would especially like to thank Mr. and Ms. Jones for caring about my education, pushing me to apply to colleges, and helping me believe in myself. Thanks to them, I have gotten accepted to Delaware Valley for Wildlife Conservation Management with a $56,000 scholarship. Also, I would like to thank my amazing tutor, Edmund, who helped me bring my score up more then 100 points. He was also very supportive and pushed me to achieve my goals. Thank you very much, Tailored Tutoring, for your help. This experience has given me the opportunity to go to my top school and pursue my dream.  ~ Barbara S.

My daughter…absolutely loves the place! It’s not just a learning center, it’s our second home!   ~ Jonique G.

I have been bringing my son, Noah, to Tailored Tutoring since he was in the 6th grade. I cannot stress enough what an encouraging environment it has been for him. Between the excellent instruction from talented and engaging educators, to the comfortable, family-oriented atmosphere, I couldn’t be happier. I recommend its services to everyone I know, and have referred several family members and friends there.   ~ Lenore F.

Tailored Tutoring LLC is amazing! My children love it, and they look forward to their sessions. I have seen…major progress! Every tutor is kind and professional, the owners are compassionate and sincere, and the environment is relaxing and peaceful. This was a great decision I made for my children’s lives!   ~ Angela D.

The tutors are pleasant and very experienced. The owners care about the students and work hard to accommodate busy schedules.   ~ Tress K.

My grandson has been going to Tailored Tutoring since the summer before kindergarten and is now on his way to fifth grade. Not only did they give him the foundation he needed, but they also gave him confidence… When my daughter was in high school, we went to Tailored Tutoring for special help with a specific subject. So whether you are looking for long term or short term educational support, Tailored Tutoring is you place!   ~ Lorraine H.

The tutors are great and do an amazing job adjusting their teaching styles to fit the needs of the student. Great establishment with very professional tutors who care!   ~ Courtlynn W.

My daughter has been receiving extra help in school at Tailored Tutoring, and her attitude and grades reflect it. They don’t only get kids where they need to be, they help them stay ahead.   ~ Edward J.

Tailored Tutoring cares and advocates for the success of your children.   ~ Natalie B


Thank you for helping my daughter prepare for 6th grade at her new private junior high school with a rigorous math component. You provided her with a thorough assessment and filled in the gaps to prepare her at an advanced level! Most importantly, you gave the confidence and preparation that she needed to soar!

She’s loving her experience at her school, and she did amazingly well in her Algebra 1 class. In fact, she decided on her own accord to take Geometry (at a premier private high school over the summer) and now, because she’s so much more advanced in math than her peers, she’s on the 8th grade track. She is also hoping to start her own tutoring company for kids in our complex!

Your brilliant, patient and fun tutors are fantastic! I also want to thank you for making our geographic and time zone differences work. It was a seamless connection!

She just asked to come back to Tailored Tutoring again this semester because she loves the extra support and personalized attention! Thank you!!!!

~ Asha M.

You guys are the best! My daughter used Tailored Tutoring at different times throughout high school! Shes now in college and has been on the Dean’s list 3 out of 4 semesters and with a 4.0! Thank you guys! 

~Angie H.

I used Tailored Tutoring for my son who is now a Junior in college who made the Dean’s List last semester during the pandemic. I highly recommend!!!

~Cassandra S.