About Us


Family-Owned Company Since 2001

Tailored Tutoring LLC started as two parents realized the need to challenge their children beyond the classroom curriculum and provide supplemental learning during the summer vacation. Shawn and Jeffrey Jones realized their children would quickly forget the material they learned during the school year if their minds were not continuously stimulated. Routine math and reading assignments developed into interactive, engaging lessons in science, grammar, and foreign languages. What first started as summer instruction extended into the school year as the parents watched their children advance above their grade levels in all subjects.  Jeffrey and Shawn Jones saw with their own son and daughter what was possible when children were encouraged to reach their potential and wanted to inspire other students to strive for academic success. After many years educating in elementary schools and watching the students’ grades improve exponentially, Shawn Jones decided to provide professional tutoring to the students in her own neighborhood. For the past twenty years,  the Tailored Tutoring LLC staff  has educated thousands of children in the South Jersey area. In 2014, they entered the online arena, tutoring students from the East Coast to the West Coast.

Their highly qualified tutors teach basic math to advanced calculus, primary reading skills to advanced writing skills, and elementary science to advanced physics. They also provide preparation for the SAT, ACT, and GED.

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