Why We Love Working with Adult Learners


At Tailored Tutoring LLC, we love to work with students of all ages and learning styles. Sometimes we even get the exciting opportunity to serve multiple generations in one family. From parents to grandparents, we work with a diverse range of clients who are returning to school, studying for professional exams, or striving to improve their writing and arithmetic skills. Sometimes there is a stigma around adult learners that says people of a certain age are too old to learn or gain new skills, but at Tailored Tutoring, we know there is no wrong time for education.

Many adult learners are balancing the responsibilities of daily life with exams, homework, and assignments. Because of the sheer business of their schedules, adult learners are very serious about getting the most out of their educational opportunities. They are determined to be active participants in the classroom who ask questions when they are uncertain and communicate openly and directly with their teachers.

Especially in higher education, the academic landscape is becoming increasingly diverse in age. As tutors, we want to serve all students with compassion and let them know that whenever they feel ready, it’s the perfect time to learn!

By Tailored Tutoring’s Writing Staff