Thank You for Your Support


The first student I ever had was a ten-year-old girl named Rina. I was only in my early twenties, and I mostly mimicked what I saw my mother do in her own tutoring sessions. As Rina grew up, we stayed in contact through her high school and college years. Nearly two decades later, Rina brought her first child to me for in-person tutoring at our old building in downtown Pennsauken. Seeing Rina’s smiling face replicated on her daughter was a special and invaluable moment for me.

Something that makes Tailored Tutoring unique is that we are a small, family-owned business. We understand that familial support plays an essential role in a child’s education. We are so grateful when we get the opportunity to work with multiple generations of the same family. When a company is invested in an entire community, we get to see the long-term impact of our programs and curriculum. It means we are being entrusted with children, parents, and grandparents, and we don’t take that task lightly. Thank you to our clients who continue to support and trust us with their families’ educational needs.


By Shawn R. Jones