Paulo Nascimento

Paulo Nascimento was born in Vienna, Austria; however, he spent most of his childhood in Lima, Peru. Moving to the U.S. at age 11, he adapted to big changes and focused very hard on school, graduating from Sterling High School 4th of 297 students in the class of 2014. Having a passion for soccer, he played for the school team all 4 years. He also volunteered as a coach and trainer of Specials Teams, a non-profit summer program offered by the school for young individuals with disabilities. Moving on to college, he knew he wanted to make a difference in the medical industry, so he decided to major in Biomedical Engineering.


He is a senior at Rowan University, having an expected graduation date of December 2019. Rowan University has been an amazing experience for him. On campus, he worked at the recreation facility for his first 2 years, and he is currently a member of the BMES (Biomedical engineering society). This semester, his plans are to focus his research on nano-technology for future uses in cancer treatments. He plans to attend graduate school and pursue a M.S., with Steven’s Institute of Technology.  His is also an avid reader, chess player, and pianist.