Client Testimonial


Dear Tailored Tutoring,

Thank you for helping my daughter prepare for 6th grade at her new private junior high school with a rigorous math component. You provided her with a thorough assessment and filled in the gaps to prepare her at an advanced level! Most importantly, you gave the confidence and preparation that she needed to soar!

She’s loving her experience at her school, and she did amazingly well in her Algebra 1 class. In fact, she decided on her own accord to take Geometry (at a premier private high school over the summer) and now, because she’s so much more advanced in math than her peers, she’s on the 8th grade track. She is also hoping to start her own tutoring company for kids in our complex!

Your brilliant, patient and fun tutors are fantastic! I also want to thank you for making our geographic and time zone differences work. It was a seamless connection!

She just asked to come back to Tailored Tutoring again this semester because she loves the extra support and personalized attention! Thank you!!!!


~ Asha M.