Wanda Poole

As an educator, my philosophy begins with reflective words of Bell Hooks, “Teaching is a performative act… that offers the space for change, invention, and spontaneous shifts that can serve as a catalyst drawing out the unique elements in each classroom.”  My objective is to motivate and authenticate every student who crosses my path.  With that, I intend to be the vehicle by which students learn and grow.


My academic interests are elementary and special education.  I have a Master’s Degree in Education/Special Education and am completing an Ed.S. in Educational Leadership.  I love working with students and educators to focus on student academic achievement as the forefront of instruction, and I believe in the children, especially those facing academic challenges.  My dream is to support their future through the classroom.  This support is accomplished by offering opportunity for change, creativity, impulsivity, and growth.


I have worked with both the Philadelphia and Camden Public School Districts in supporting both adults and children.  I have taught and guided students to full scholarships to Moorestown Friends School.  With over 15 years in education, I have supported major gains in both students and educators toward closing the achievement gap and finding major student gains.